Pickens Cemetery


I love this old cemetery, and have spent literally hundreds and probably thousands of hours working on it and researching and reading  and looking for information.

I have been helped by so many people, I don't know if the internet could hold all the names, but there are some I must mention, even though I know I'll leave some out and that will shame me.  So if your name isn't here, please email me and tell me so I can put it in, because I want you to have recognition and public thanks for all the help.

First of all, some have already passed away:

Lura Pickens Garrison (my paternal grandmother)

Dr. Andrew Lee Pickens (her brother)

David Garrison (my father)

Phyllis Harrison

Pauline Gramling

Era Davis

​Noel Garvin

JoAnn Rankin Wigington

Now, for those that are still around:

Tommy Keaton

Linda Cheek Smith

Louis Smith

Anne Sheriff

Charles Smith

Neil Smith

Jack Roberts

Patsy & Johnny Bowie

Tom Hughes

Steve Pegg

Greg Noel

and many, many others.

Thank you every one!