Pickens Cemetery


NOTE: If you know the person's name, look for the grave number in the "Summary List of Graves", then find the number on the map below.

           If you don't know the person's first name, or need help figuring out "which Robert Pickens" you need (or something similar), then look at the

          appropriate block of individual graves and their notes.  They are in alphabetical order.  The Summary List is NOT in alphabetical order, but is                 "place" order.  There are 18 rows of graves.  The rows are NOT anywhere near straight.  I would copy and print out the map and the summary list

           and take it with me to the cemetery if I was looking for someone.  If you have problems, email me and I'll mail you a map and list free of charge,

           of course.  If you have problems finding someone, or have new/better info on someone, PLEASE email me and let me know. 

This is the 5th edition of the cemetery map, and is, like all before it, based on a hand drawn map by Dr. Andrew Lee Pickens (my grand-uncle).  He drew the first map in the late 1920s or early 1930s, when he was trying to get Revolutionary War veterans headstones through the Veterans Administration for those veterans that had no marker at all.  He did not get a marker for a Revolutionary veteran if he had a legible headstone.  I am slowly but surely trying to rectify that situation, plus add the other veterans that he did not know about, or was not able to get the proper documentation.  Much of the information about the cemetery came from his grandfather (my great-great grandfather) William Smith Pickens, who died in 1907, and his father who died in 1948.  Between those two men, they knew Revolutionary War veterans, and almost everyone that was buried in the cemetery.  It is very sad that we do have about 70 graves that are still unknown, but we are still working.  There are some old field stones that have some chiseling on them, but it is very hard to make it out.  Sometimes, if the sunlight is just right, you can make out a name.  Several years ago, I found Susannah Slator McMahon's grave at 5:30 am, plain as this typing, only because the sunrise light was just the way it needed to be.  So I keep working, looking, and thinking.  If you know of a grave that is not on the map, then let me know, and I'll get a new stone engraved in the modern style, which should last for at least 200 years.  Maybe by that time, someone will have invented some kind of indestructible plastic that will stay plainly visible forever, and people can see the grave of their 50th great grandfather plain as day!  Who knows!  Now with things in the "cloud" it should be available free forever.  Just let me know so I can update things and correct mistakes.