Pickens Cemetery

1321, MERRITT, Jr., John Walker, b. 2 Dec 1909, d. 15 Aug 1998;

Notes: h/o Maude Rosamond Wigington, 1320. See notes on 1320 for more information.

1320, MERRITT, (Maude) Rosamond Wigington, w/o J(ohn) W(alker) Merritt, Jr.,(1321), b. 27 Jan 1907, d. 21 Dec 1998; Notes: d/o Maude Leech Rosamond, 1319, and Thomas Austin Wigington, buried in Mountain Springs Baptist Church Cemetery, 3 miles southeast. Rosamond and John lived in the old Oliver/Rosamond home place on Three Bridges Rd. on the way to Greenville, a well-known landmark that is still standing and occupied by the family.

1413, MERRIAM, Arba, b. (13 Jan) 1788, d. 12 Oct 1834; Notes: born in Meridan, Connecticut.  He was the s/o Ephraim, b. 1 Jul 1758 – d. 22 Mar 1834, and Beulah Galpin Merriam, b. 1759 – d. 18 Feb 1827. Both are buried in Meridan, CT.  Arba was a cousin (of some sort) to Chloe Climelia Ives Ariail (302) and he came to South Carolina with Chloe and her husband John Ariail in 1806.  I am almost 100% sure he was involved in John Ariail’s store in Pickensville until his death. His ancestors may have come over on the Mayflower, and Arba’s family went back at least 6 generations in Concord, Massachusetts.

1808, McNEELY, Child, b. ?, d. ?;

Notes: Fieldstone marker of an otherwise unidentified child of a James McNeely. New marker.

1001, McMAHAN, Susannah Slator (Slater?), b. ca 1764, d. Jan 1850;

Notes: w/o Peter McMahan, 1002, married on 6 Oct 1783.  New marker.

1002, McMAHAN, Peter, b. ca 1750, d. 4 Aug 1845, Pvt.SC Militia, Rev. War; Notes: h/o Susannah Slator or Slater, 1001, married on 6 Oct 1783. See Moss, p. 638 for Revolutionary War service details. Peter and his wife need more research and information.

1401, McCANN, Esq., Robert, b. 1 Jan 1764, d. 17 Jun 1831, Native of Killileagh, Ardegon, Ireland; Notes: 1st wife: Hannah Linn, 1403, 2nd wife: Jane Hamilton, 1402. Robert was one of the first elders of Richmond Presbyterian Church, the founding church of this cemetery.  See George Howe, “History of the Presbyterian Church in South Carolina", pub. 1870. Robert McCann was a very important man in the community in his day.  His grandson, James L. Orr, became Speaker of the House in Washington, DC, Governor of South Carolina, a potential presidential candidate, and Minister to Russia, where he passed away.  His body was returned and he is buried at the First Presbyterian Church in Anderson.

 1402, McCANN, Jane (Hamilton), w/o Robert Mc Cann, b. Jan 1764 d. 10 Jan 1831, aged 67 years; Notes: Married 5 Mar 1806. She was d/o David and Jane Wallace Hamilton, and sister of John Hamilton, 0903, and Elizabeth Hamilton Boggs, 1202. She is reported to have had a 1st husband, a Boggs, maybe kin to Aaron Boggs, 1203, but nothing more is known.  There are two separate Hamilton families represented in the cemetery: the descendants of David and Jane Wallace Hamilton and the family of Maj Andrew Hamilton, 0703.  Robert and Jane had the following child (and possibly others): Thomas Hampton (b. 1808). 

1404, McCann, Infant, b. ?, d. ?;

Notes: This grave has traditionally been considered to be that of an infant child of Robert and Hannah McCann of unknown gender and unknown date.  New marker.

1403, McCANN, Hannah (Linn), c/o Robert Mc Cann, b. 1765 d. 1 Oct 1802, Age 37;

Notes: First w/o Robert McCann, probably died in conjunction with childbirth complications as so many did in that time. No surviving children have been found from this marriage, but the dates suggest a marriage in ca 1780s, so there must have been some.

1207, MAULDIN, Rucker (Rev), (b. 18 Jan 1760 in Cecil Co, MD) d. (16 Jan) 1846, PVT SC Militia Rev. War; Notes: h/o Nancy Posey, 1208, who was his second wife. His first wife was Anne Miller Moore (they were married before 1785). Father of Laban Mauldin, 1101. s/o Henry Laban Mauldin (b. 1732? in Cecil Co, MD).  Almost all this info comes from a family history prepared by B. J. Lawrence of Kenton, OK, in 1993. DAR research (A075679) confirms some of the Lawrence genealogy, but I have recently found some problems with it.  Is there a Mauldin source in the house?

1208, MAULDIN, Nancy Posey, (second) w/o Rev. Rucker Mauldin (1207), b. 20 Mar 1769, d. 1 Dec 1849; Notes: Rucker and Nancy were married in 1805 in Union Co, SC. d/o Francis (b. 1730, d. Dec 1787, Union District, SC) and Mildred Farr Posey. Nancy was first married to Rucker Smith, and they were the parents of Travis Smith, 0714.

1101, MAULDIN, Laban, b.4 Feb 1787 (in Union Co, SC), d. Aug 1869; Notes: Laban’s will was dated 2 Aug 1869.  In Feb 23, 1868, issue of Keowee Courier Newspaper, Laban Mauldin is listed as paying for a subscription to the newspaper.  He married first Charlotte Hamby, 1102, around 1806, with whom he had 14 children; and second: Mary _____, after 1862, who appears to have survived him.  Laban was the second child and first son of Rucker, 1207, and Ann Miller Moore. New Marker.

1102, MAULDIN, Charlotte Hamby, b. 1786 (Pickens Co, SC), d. 18 Sep 1862;

Notes: First w/o Laban Mauldin, 1101; married ca 1806. They had 14 children. See notes under him for information. New  marker.

0112, MARTIN, Russell Gale, b. 12 Oct 1905, d. 22 Apr 1941;

Notes: s/o Rev. George A. (not buried here) and Frances Marian Pickens Martin (0114), h/o Mattie Lee Price Martin, 0113.

0507, MARTIN, Rebecca Waddle ,b. 1810, d. 1858; Notes: Rebecca was the daughter of William, 0508, and Hannah Waddle, 0509.  She married Abram Martin (1808-1845), location of his burial unknown.  The Martins are a large family with many branches.  Patsy Martin Bowie gave me some information on Rebecca, but surely there is someone with Martin ties that can help with more info.  New Marker.

0113, MARTIN, Mattie Lee Price, w/o Russell Martin, b. 22 Sep 1909, d. 26 Nov 1936;

Notes: Nothing else known of her, as she died rather young.

0114, MARTIN, Frances Marian Pickens, b.25 Jul 1879, d. 13 Oct 1922; Notes: d/o Robert Welborn and Mary Catherine Wigington Pickens, 0116 and 0115. Sister of Truman Welborn Pickens, 0218, Robert Martin Pickens, 0219, Prudence Irene Pickens, 0314, Lura Agnes P. Garrison, 0117. Mother of Russell Gale Martin, 0112. w/o Rev. George A. Martin, not buried here.

0103, JOHNSON, Robert Benjamin, b. 28 Sep 1930, d. 15 Mar 2001, SK 3 US Navy; Notes: His real name is William Guinn Pepper and the true date of birth is 28 Sep 1922. He was a WWII veteran. s/o Addison Guinn Pepper and Hattie Kay. Hattie took Robert Addison Pepper (0102) and William and abandoned their father in 1925 and lived with them somewhere in southeast Texas. After she died (15 Sep 1980), the two brothers came looking for their father and found him still alive. The marker is memorial only, as both were cremated, although his ashes might be present. I think death date is wrong on these two brothers, as I understand both were killed in the same automobile accident. See Note about Easley Progress source article in 0102.

0102, JOHNSON, Robert A(ddison), b. 26 Jun 1918, d. 14 Mar 2002, SP3 US Navy WWII; Notes: His real name is Robert Addison Pepper. s/o Addison Guinn Pepper, 0106, and Hattie Kay. Hattie took Robert and William Guinn Pepper (0103) and abandoned their father in 1925 and lived with them somewhere in southeast Texas. After she died (15 Sep 1980), the two brothers came looking for their father and found him still alive. The closest thing to a “source” for all this is an article by an unknown author on page B1 of the Oct 22, 1980 Easley Progress, and the article has some well-known genealogical errors in it, but the other facts appear to be correct.

0102A, JOHNSON, Helen Louise, b. 3 Nov 1917, d. 16 Feb 2007;

Notes: w/o Robert Addison Johnson, 0102. This site contains remains of her cremation (ashes).