Pickens Cemetery

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0109, VAN SHARP, Child, b. ?, d. ca 1858; Notes: Name and gender unknown, traditionally the infant child of a pastor of Wesley Chapel Methodist Church (early predecessor of Pickens Chapel) in this period. New marker.

0801, TYRRELL, Eliza(beth) Hamilton, w/o Henry Tyrrell, b. (Aug 23,) 1801, d. 23 Aug 1818, age 17 years; Notes: d/o Maj Andrew and Margaret Anderson Hamilton, 0704 and 0703. Henry Tyrrell was born ca 1794 in Pendleton District, SC. Henry and Elizabeth had the following children: Adaline (b. Jan 1 1820, who m. Benjamin Franklin Mauldin); and Moses (d. 1873 in Pickens County, SC).

0230, SMITH, Williene, d/o Mr. & Mrs. L.G. Smith, b. 3 May 1909, d. 25 Aug 1929; Notes: d/o Luther Gamewell and Mallie Mildred Ballantine Smith, 0120 and 0119. Sister of Vera Smith, 0229, and Pvt Luther Gamewell Smith Jr, 0118.

1418, SMITH, William M(cKendree), s/o C(aleb) M(cKendree) & M(ary) E(lizabeth) (Wilson) Smith, b. 12 Sep 1861, d. 23 Apr 1862; Notes: This is part of a unique tombstone; five granite "logs" stacked one on top of each other. Caleb McKendree Smith was b. 26 May 1827, d. 9 Dec 1901; Mary Elizabeth Wilson Smith was b. 1828, d. 3 Aug 1918, both are buried at Fairview Methodist Cemetery, Oconee County, SC. The child William M. Smith is noted on the next to the bottom "log," and is buried next to the southernmost grave of the group.

1419, SMITH, Walton E(lford), s/o J(ames) E(lford) & M(ary) (Susan) S(tone) Smith, b. ?, d. ?, aged 14 months; Notes: This is part of a unique tombstone; five granite "logs" stacked one on top of each other. Caleb McKendree and Mary Elizabeth Wilson Smith were the parents of James Elford Smith. James Elford Smith was b. 27 Mar 1857, d. 8 Nov 1920; his wife Mary Susan Stone Smith was b. 7 Jun 1859, d. 16 May 1937, and both are buried in Granite Cemetery, Granite, Greer County, OK. Caleb McKendree Smith was b. 26 May 1827, d. 9 Dec 1901; Mary Elizabeth Wilson Smith was b. 1828, d. 3 Aug 1918, both are buried at Fairview Methodist Cemetery, Oconee County, SC. The infant Walton E. Smith is noted on the top granite "log," and is buried in the northernmost grave of the group.

0327, SMITH, Walter Leland, b. 5 Mar 1884, d. 13 Jul 1884; Notes: s/o Madison Earl and Mary (Mollie) Louisa Young Smith, 0324 and 0325. Brother of Mary Lillian Smith, 0326, and unnamed Child Smith, 0316.

0229, SMITH, Vera, d/o L(uther) G(amewell) & M(allie) (Mildred) B(allantine) Smith, (0120 & 0119) , b. 13 Aug 1900, d. 26 Sep 1904; Notes: Sister of Pvt Luther G. Smith Jr, 0118, Williene Smith, 0230.

1711, SMITH, Unnamed Twin Infants, b. 1856, d. 1856; Notes: Gender unknown. Parents were James Douthart Smith, s/o John and Martha Pickens Smith, 1310 and 1708, and Martha Jane Acker Smith. The unnamed twins were siblings to Ruth Alice Smith, 1710.

0713, SMITH, Travis, b. ca 1788, d. between 1860 and 1870; Notes: Travis was the son of Rucker and Nancy Posey Smith, 1208; (she married Rucker Mauldin after Rucker Smith died in 1805). Travis married Nancy Norris, d/o Robert and Winnifred Mauldin Norris.  New Marker.

1407, SMITH, Ruth Lindley, (b. 1756 in present day Randolph Co, NC and d.1845 in Walton Co, GA); Notes: Ruth may have been Benjamin's second wife, as some researchers say Elizabeth Simmons was his first wife. Ruth was the d/o James (b. 22 Sep 1735 in York Co, PA, d. Mar/Apr 1779 in Ninety Six District, and Mary Cox Lindley, married 5 May 1753). As a point of interest, James Lindley was a well-known Loyalist and a captain in the Upper Saluda Regiment of provincial militia.  He was an active loyalist until his capture at the Battle of Kettle Creek (GA) on Feb 14, 1779.  A special court martial on Feb 22, 1779, sentenced him to hang.  Soon after, the sentence was carried out by the Sheriff of Ninety Six District.  Ruth and Benjamin are recorded on a stone in their plot as being the parents of : Rebecca (b. 1775); Mary (b. 1777); Hannah (b. 1779); William (b. 1781); Sidney (b. 1783); Elizabeth (b. 1785); David (b. 1787); James (b. 1789); Job (b. 1791); Benjamin Jr (b. 1793); and Jonathan Harvey (b. 1795, first husband of Prudence Emeline Oliver Smith, 0221). 

1710, SMITH, Ruth Alice, d/o J(ames) D(outhart) & M(artha) J(ane) (Acker) Smith, b. 30 Jan 1858, d. 2 Apr 1863; Notes: James D. Smith was a son of John and Martha Pickens Smith, 1310 and 1708. Ruth Alice was sister to the unnamed twins, 1711.

1421, SMITH, Roda (Rhoda) (Esdras?), b. 1788, d. 7 Jul 1853; Notes: The old tombstone a rather unusual homemade fieldstone in that it has two names engraved on it: Rhoda and John A.  She was the w/o John Anderson Smith, 1420. Rhoda was the d/o Harmon and Mary Elizabeth Posey Smith. She was the grandmother of the Smith infants/children buried at 1417 and 1418, by virtue of being mother of Caleb McKendree Smith. Rhoda and John had the following children: Amanda Armintha (d. May 4 1899, never married); Cimela Hamilton (m. John A. Wise and moved to GA); Henry Glenn (b. Jan 22, 1822, m. Martha A. White in Jun 1858, and d. Jul 13 1890); Anderson Ansel (m. Louisa Wigington, and d. ca 1865); Caleb McKendree (b. May 26 1827, m. Mary Elizabeth Wilson d/o Charles P. Wilson, 1315, and d. Dec 9 1901); John Lawrence (m. Susannah Louisa Cooper, and was killed in action in War Between the States); and Austin (m. Obedience Smith and moved to MS).  I apologize for the mis-spelling of Rhoda's name - it is my fault and will be corrected soon.New Marker.

1502, SMITH, Richard, b.?, d.?, Confederate States Army; Notes: Not much is known of this Confederate veteran. His brother James was killed at Petersburg in the War.  Their father, Ephraim Smith, lived just south of the Pickens County line on the west side of what today is SC Highway 8, and is buried at Fairview Methodist Church.  This is a "standard" United Daughters of the Confederacy tombstone.  It is not known if Richard is actually buried here or not.  Information is badly needed.  I am not sure, but I think Richard enlisted into Company A of the Infantry Regiment of Hampton’s Legion.

0325, SMITH, Mollie (Louisa) Young, b. 28 Apr 1859, d. 17 May 1909; Notes: Her actual first name is "Mary." She was the w/o Madison Earl Smith, 0324, married ca 1880. Mother of unnamed child, 0316.

1308, SMITH, Michael, b. ca 1736, d. 9 Sep 1803; Notes: He has traditionally been considered a Revolutionary War veteran. Dr. Andrew L. Pickens, in his 1930s survey of the cemetery, did not order a government tombstone for him because he already had a tombstone marking his grave. Dr. Pickens' concern at that time was that all these veterans' graves be marked and not lost.  Linda Smith Cheek, the premier Smith researcher has the following data: Michael was the first son of Job Sr, (b. 1718 Ulster, Ireland; died ca 1800 Pendleton Dist, SC; m. Hannah Candler Smith).  Michael was the brother of Joseph, 1210, Benjamin, 1406, and Job Jr, 1309 and was  married to Jane Carruthers.  He lived in Pickensville (near today’s intersection of Pendleton Street and Hwy. 123 ByPass and was a carpenter.  He had a contract with Gen Andrew Pickens and the other Pendleton District commissioners to build the District courthouse at Pickensville, but took sick and died prior to beginning construction.  

0712, SMITH, Meade, b. ca 1756 d. ca 1790; Notes: Dr. A. L. Pickens thought it was possible he was a Revolutionary War veteran, but he did not find sufficient evidence for a VA headstone in the 1930s. Meade was the first s/o Christopher Kitt Smith, and the brother of Ambrose Joshua (0512), and Hampton (1306).  New Marker.

0326, SMITH, Mary Lillian, b. 12 Oct 1885, d. 11 Nov 1908; Notes: d/o Madison Earl and Mary (Mollie) Louisa Young Smith, 0324 and 0325. Sister of 0316.

1708, SMITH, Martha P(ickens), b. 15 Jun 1776, d. 17 Aug 1818; Notes: d/o Capt Robert and Dorcas Hallum Pickens, 1703 and 1704. Sister of Elizabeth Pickens, 0205, and Robert Pickens, 0305. 1st wife of John Smith, 1310, whom she married about 1800.  They moved to Kentucky about 1804, but were back in the Three & Twenty community of SC by 1810. By the late 1830s, John was almost totally blind, a result of his work as a blacksmith.  Sadly, Martha died, probably as the result of complications from childbirth (of twins), in 1818, as so many did in that period.  Martha and John had the following children: Talitha (b. Mar 14 1804, m. Levi B. Bowman, d. Nov 3 1835); Sidney (b. Dec 24 1805, m. Elizabeth Osborne, d. ca Nov 3 or 31 1835); Miranda (b. Jan 18 1808, m. Benjamin M. Smith, d. May 8, 1886); Mary Ann (b. Jul 24 1810 in KY, m. a Duff, d. Jul 29 1877); John Collingsworth (b. Apr 30 1812, m. Amanda Smith, Jan 2 1840, d. Jul 22 1899); Andrew McKindrew C. (twin),  (b. Jan 26 1818, m. (1) Minerva Carolina Wagoman in 1824, and (2) Margaret Emily Smith Martin, and d. Aug 21 1888); and James Douthit (twin), (b. Jan 26 1818, m. Martha Jane Acker in 1844, and d. Sep 2 1896).  New Marker.

0121, SMITH, Mallie (Mildred) B(allantine), w/o L(uther) G(amewell) Smith,(0120), b. 10 Mar 1881, d. 10 Aug 1970; Notes: d/o James Anderson and Nancy Elizabeth Welborn Ballantine, neither buried here. Mother of: Luther Gamewell Smith, Jr, 0118, Vera Smith, 0229, Williene Smith, 0230.

0324, SMITH, Madison Earl, b. 9 Feb 1852, d. 8 Feb 1914; Notes: s/o John Collinsworth and Amanda Smith, neither buried here. Brother of John Theodore Smith, 0225. h/o Mary Louisa Young Smith, 0325. Father of unnamed child, 0316.  Grandson of John and Martha Pickens Smith, 1310 and 1708. Madison’s homeplace is still standing, about ¾ of a mile east southeast of the cemetery (on Fire Station Road).